Maximizing Your Reach and Impact

We provide customized support, guidance, and resources to empower you in your creative journey and to reach a global audience. By joining our network, you will benefit from the collective relationships, knowledge, and wisdom of our community.

Our goal is for you to thrive creatively AND economically.

You’ll be on the world’s biggest stages, in over 350M+ homes and phones. We’ll maximize your reach and impact with multiple pathways and opportunities for monetization and global scale:
• Generous 60% ad-driven proceeds
• Opportunities for bonuses and equity in HYP
• Distribution of your new and existing content onto Roku, Amazon Fire, and mobile
• Redistribution opportunities with major media partners
• Plus, an amazing social networking community, suped up with the latest tools for immersive, hyper-engagement and recurring revenue streams. Connect more deeply with your audiences as we Binge Boldly together.

We’ve been living boldly our whole lives – now let’s tell your stories.



Community & Connection

Get access to our digital social network to maximize your presence online, customized experiences and unique opportunities that foster relationship building and are specifically tailored to our creator community. Connect more deeply with your audience with our best-in-class resources, tools and exclusive discounts to make your life easier.


Production & Editing Support

Produce and distribute celebrated content. Our community has a wide variety of professional and lived experiences, and are passionate about impactful content. We will help you distribute your content globally, across multiple platforms.


Social Media & Sponsorship

We want to empower your voice. Our network of experts in branding and strategy can help you drive visibility and engagement. Access top social media strategists to position you for growth and land brand partners with a global audience. 



With Creators & Influencers

We work hand-in-hand with you and the creator. Partnerships can range from sponsored posts, ads, events and shows to product placement and licensing, to more bespoke engagements.


Content Co-Creation

Co-create short, long, or episodic form content that resonates deeply with your audience. Develop products that stand out in the marketplace. Co-design live experiences that connect in real-time with your target market.


Campaigns & Activations

We work with you to identify creators that align with your campaign goals and overall brand strategy. We match creator, brand, platform, and product across a variety of metrics and criteria to establish powerful mutual matches.

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